Our wood slabs gives us the opportunity, with their irregularities and their cracks, to add a very particular touch to some of them. At Courchesne Collection, we prioritize the filling with a mix of resin and epoxy to our pieces in need to ensure the uniformity of the surface and to give it a majestic feel.

Raw, Natural, Beautiful Wood Slabs

Live Edge Wood Slabs: A Source of Nature’s Beauty

Enterolobium Cyclocarpum, commonly known as Guanacaste (Parota in the U.S. and Canada), comes from various regions in Central America. Its growth is very rapid and can attain 20 to 25 meters in height, sometimes even 40 meters, with a diameter between 1.5 and 3 meters. Its wood, in comparison to other species, can be easily worked. With its beautiful, dark amber nuances as well the consistency of its grain, the demands for this type of wood are very high. Browse through our beautiful selection of live edge wood slabs and witness the natural beauty for yourself. Read More

A Mixture of Science and Artistry Helps Ensure the Highest Quality

All our live edge wood slabs are oven dried which is without a doubt the most important step to ensure a superior quality. The wood is set to dry for a minimum of 60 days at temperatures that can attain 180 degrees. With this method, we ensure a stability and humidity level that is ideal for our products. Additionally, oven dried wood makes the product less susceptible to cracking, twisting, warping and also eliminates mould. Our wood slabs are then sanded on 4 sides and the openings, if any exist, are filled with a particular technique involving resin and epoxy.

Live Edge Wood Slabs With Attractive Looks

Parota slabs are known for their bold, striking looks. Colors often vary with a spectrum of honey, reddish and dark browns, distinctly contrasting from its near white sapwood. Fill out our custom table form to receive your personal quote.

Seeing as how the Parota tree is a very fast growing tree, it’s perfect for cutting slabs while remaining environmentally responsible. In fact, Parota trees are one of the few exotic species not found on any CITES or other endangered species listings. They are commonly used for reforestation projects and their fast growth and vitality provide ample relief. They are widely found throughout Central America, especially in Costa Rica where it is the country’s national tree.

Parota:The Perfect Wood for Your Dream, Custom Project

The easy work-ability of the Parota slabs is due to it being notably lighter and less dense than most exotic hardwoods. Our inventory consists of 3-inch thick slabs, which is a rarity in today’s market. Most live edge furniture today is executed using a Walnut slab. While beautiful in their own right, these slabs rarely reach any substantial widths without book-matching. Look through our inventory of live edge wood slabs and we are confident that you will find the perfect one for your custom project.

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