Live Edge Wood Fabrication | A Connection to Nature

Courchesne Collection is a locally run company that assembles passionate people from the fields of interior design and exotic wood fabrication, bringing forth the best in live edge wood design. In today’s fast paced world, it is important that we stay connected and grounded to our natural environment, which is why we strongly believe in the integration of nature within our everyday dwelling. Our ultimate goal is to help every client achieve well-being and serenity while living life’s most important moments in the comfort of their home. Browse through our custom live edge table options now and begin designing your own live edge wood table.

Live Edge Wood Slabs | A Labour of Passion

After a chance meeting with Parota wood importers and witnessing its natural, luscious beauty, Courchesne Collection owners Gabriel and Marie-Eve knew that this was their opportunity to not only build a business, but also to fulfill their passion for creativity, nature and design. Being environmentally responsible is very high on the priority list which further solidified the relationship with their supplier. Browse through our gorgeous selection of live edge wood slabs now.

Custom, Live Edge Wood Tables | From Our Hands to Your Home

Every piece designed by Courchesne Collection is custom made and tailored to the customer’s needs and dimensions. From the moment the client chooses their wood to after sale service, we consider and nurse every detail. Though our Parota wood is imported, we pride ourselves in keeping all workmanship local, from design to fabrication as well as delivery and customer service. Additionally, there are no table bases or accessories sourced from China or anywhere else in the world. Though our specialty is fine, custom wood fabrication, we also offer a wide range of home and office seating, mirrors, storage and chandeliers. After a full year of creation and production, Courchesne Collection is poised to continue to offer custom made creations with the greatest of care and passion. For any questions about our wood, process or anything in between, contact us or use our live chat option!

Gabriel Morissette

Marie-eve courchesne
Founder / Interior Designer

Chloe Dufresne
Interior Designer


About The Owners

With over 13 years of experience in interior design, Marie-Eve brings both a creative spirit and an eye for detail to Courchesne Collection. Having also managed the design and after sale customer service of custom condos, giving the customer exactly what they want while providing stellar customer satisfaction is her expertise. Ultimately, her vision is to see Courchesne Collection expand, while maintaining solid beliefs in creating every piece with pride and the utmost attention.

After having been a shareholder in a major business, Gabriel decided to branch out on his own and follow his passion in construction, both in renovation and new builds. He loves challenges, which is why he has always been an entrepreneur at heart. He loves working with the public which combined with his passion for wood working, are his truest attributes. His aim is to continue to grow Courchesne Collection while maintaining the highest quality in his creations.